Getting published in the snow

Getting published is reported as the low point for many writers due to its competitive and commercial nature. See: Writers and Artists Yearbook Guide to Getting Published.

In the snow

I had very little confidence in the quality/appeal of my writing especially as I haven’t published a book before. My silent mantra was ‘if I’m meant to publish I will be given a publisher’. Alternatively, I intended to Epublish so I could avoid rejection and disappointment. As I approached the completion of the final edit, in March 2018 I went to stay with family to celebrate my birthday. Throughout the weekend it snowed heavily. Consequently we were marooned in a remote south Yorkshire house. A close friend called Sandra was sleeping in the spare room which housed many many books. She chose to read ‘Colours of the Mountain’ A Memoir by Da Chen. I took an interest in the publisher “Arrow” which led me to Arrow Gate Publishing. On returning home I took a chance and contacted Arrow Gate Publishing. I received an email 2 weeks later from Sandra David the Editorial Director asking for my full manuscript which is now being published. So Sandra led to Sandra in the snow when I was given a publisher.

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  • Kate Hasson Posted 18/04/2019 10:41

    Congratulations and best wishes on the publication of your book. We are looking forward to reading it. Love Kate and Alan

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