Finding solace and beauty through music (Part 1)

Throughout my book ‘The Grace of a Nightingale’  you will discover how music has enabled me to find solace, beauty, love and hope during some of my darkest times. I have been able to dance when I could have crumpled, exchange despair for peace and freedom from prolonged misery.

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.


music iconMany musicians have inspired me since I was a young girl. I feel indebted to their gifts and commitment.

Here is a flavour of some of my favourites……may I thank all those who have laboured for the love of music…..

Holding On – The War On Drugs (Official Video)

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  • Christy Nelson Posted 30/11/2018 11:16

    ‘Holding On’ is a rich, soulful song mixed with eclectic beats, and the message is deep. Music makes living worthwhile. Thanks for sharing.

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