A Nightingale Sings Outside Our Window

My favourite radio station is BBC Radio 6 specialising in alternative music.

A Nightingale Sings Outside Our Window by Erland Cooper is a special piece of music created for BBC 6 Music during the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite this awful time, we can also be inspired by acts of kindness, devotion and selflessness, creating artistic beauty. This is one of them. Taking field recordings made by 6 Music listeners whilst in lockdown, together with words from Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing, (a recording that must be around 200 years old), Paul Weller, and some beautiful strings, Cooper creates a powerful piece that is truly moving. Despite the changes we have all undergone, he manages to find a sense of exhilaration and hope through the sounds showing how beauty and suffering live side by side.

A divine creation!

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